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  Astrology Music for the Day You Were Born

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Prices start from $5.95.  Delivery via email / download. Works with any MP3 Player.

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How Astrology Music is Created.
The creation of your personal Astrology music begins when you send us your birth information.  Calculations are then made to determine the positions of the nine planets at the time of your birth.

 Next these planetary positions are placed into the astrology music computer system where your unique music is performed and recorded.

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How You Listen to Your Music
This music , known as AstroSymphonics, is prepared for  MP3 players to perform . So you can listen to your music using any MP3 player. There are a number of free high quality MP3 players that you can easily download from the web.
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If you use Windows we can send you a special automatic player version so you don't need to download the MP3 player at all. Just download your music, click on our special play button and listen to your self!. 
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